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Streamline High-Volume Call Initiatives with Power Dialer

Power Dialer?

What is the Power Dialer?

BRISA’s Power Dialer is an automated solution for phone-based services to streamline the inbound and outbound calling process. With this intelligent technology, businesses are able to customize simple or complex campaigns to achieve high-volume communication objectives.

Why Choose BRISA?

Since 1988, BRISA has provided business solutions and communication technology services through the development of strategic and technical projects. With 90% of our revenue coming from recurrent clients, we have become well-known for pioneering projects relating to software, digital TV, Internet and more.



Advanced Capabilities.

The advanced functionalities and user-friendly interface of the BRISA Power Dialer provide the flexibility and customization options necessary for conducting successful, high-volume phone operations.Our Power Dialer is most commonly used in the following industries:


Inbound and Outbound Calls


Simple or Complex Campaigns Quickly


SMS and Fax Notifications


Contacts via Dynamic Mailing Formats



Real-Time Reports to Measure Success

Real Time

Make Immediate Campaign Changes


Unlimited Contact Information in a Web-Hosted Database


Calling Priorities by Type of Phone (mobile, business, residential)



Our Power Dialer is most commonly used in the following industries:

  1. Telemarketing
  2. Collections
  3. Customer Services
  4. Real Estate
  1. Insurance
  2. Merchant Services
  3. Publishing/ Subscriptions
  4. Political
  1. Education
  2. Healthcare
  3. Market Research
  4. And More

Drag & Drop Campaign Setup

How it Works

Easy to Use. Quickly Configured.

BRISA’s easy-to-use Power Dialer can be quickly configured and integrated with your existing phone systems to conduct high-volume call applications like:

  1. Customer Surveys
  2. Appointment Reminders
    and Confirmations
  1. Purchase Offers
  2. Service Upgrades
  3. Company Updates
  4. And More

Drag & Drop Campaign Setup

Our web-based software allows you to create calling campaigns through simple drag and drop management. You only need
to list and define the following campaign attributes:

  • Select the Contacts You Want to Call
  • Determine When You Want Them Phoned
  • Create and Choose the Message You Want Them to Hear

Real-Time Capabilities

Power Dialer campaigns can be paused, stopped or changed on a real-time basis to ensure you remain in control of all call operations.
The software also provides real-time reporting and analytics so you can measure the success of each campaign, including:

  • Best Day and Time to Call
  • Average Attempts Necessary
  • Engagement Rates
  • User Preferences
  • Call Drop-off Statistics
  • And More



Optimize Your Time. Reduce Your Costs.

With Power Dialer, your employees can spend less time conducting manual, routine calls and more time with core business activities. Power Dialer may also reduce or eliminate the need for a call center, saving you outsourcing costs.

Your company can also reduce the amount of necessary phone agents since many of the calling processes can now be completely automated.


Other key benefits include:

Automated Processes

Increases efficiency and streamlines call-making

Mailing List Reutilization

Allows you to contact the same customers for multiple campaigns

Blacklist Validation

Improves effectiveness by authenticating contacts

Unlimited Contact List Storage

Holds all of your contacts under one database

Stipulations for Contact Attempts

Sets guidelines for amount of communication tries

Complete Campaign Flexibility

Sets simple or complex campaigns based on your goals

Immediate Reporting & Analytics

Measures the success of each campaign in real-time so you can make necessary adjustments

User-Friendly Interface

Makes it easy for training employees if needed


Increase Your productivity

Special features

Unique, Customizable Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system.

Power Dialer’s inbound and outbound calling abilities make it a unique, customizable interactive voice response (IVR) system. Other features include:

Identification capabilities

Identification capabilities and separate message settings for live responses and answering machines

Call Rules

Comprehensive call rules for business hours and time-zone settings


Customizable plans for busy signals and no answers

Prerecorded Messages

Specific prerecorded messages for machines and voicemails

Text-to-Speech (TTS) functionality

Multiple campaign capabilities with Text-to-Speech (TTS) functionality

Total Security

Ability to load the software on to your own infrastructure for full control and added security


Capable of 28 million calls per month, based on 20 second call durations within 30 days

100% web-based

100% web-based operation for configuration and operational processes, such as campaign creation, contact uploading, call starting and results management

reduce Costs

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